Who are HomeFix?

HomeFix is a construction and maintenance company registered in Kenya. The company has been in existence for over a decade with over ten years experience in real estate construction, maintenance and refurbishment. With direct links with the various suppliers and specialists who put every possible professional impact to meet the demand for the latest lifestyle demands, HomeFix deals with the construction and repair of all types of buildings and developments.


Our Objective

HomeFix ensures customer satisfaction by utilizing the highest quality standards, stateof-the-art equipment, dedicated employees and consistent on-time delivery.


Developing housing and civil infrastructure to fulfill the utopian lifestyle.


To deliver quality investments for sustainable lifestyles with appealing aesthetics at competative costs. HomeFix strives to provide top notch range of construction services and solutions in the built environment. We create value in living environments for long-lasting relationships with our clients and communities.


Quality is of the essence in this period when everything is standardised and the market is diverse. Hence we give quality that is distinct of our brand. We also respond instantly to your mentioned problems and fix them


We are clothed in moral fibre where we deliver as specified and advice as our professional insights hold. We meet all the standards, tackle all the challenges and produce the best.

Dynamic growth

We have built our brand and our staff grows in it. We develop new and innovative, technology to heighten better infrastructure, business and living conditions.